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See a lot, do little:

The bus line 72 is almost like a hop on, hop off/sightseeing route. If you are tired of walking, hop on at the next station and enjoy the views and sights you’re passing by.

Bad weather:

During the time we visited Paris it was really cold and rainy/snowy. We thought we would just take our umbrellas or take a pause while eating in a warm mall. But it turned out that once you are cold to the bones and no malls close around the major sights, even an umbrella is not much of an use anmyore..

So here is my tip #1: Jump into any bus, let yourself be taken around, warm yourself up, relax your feet – and secret tip: we even ate our self brought food, warm tea and snacks in the back row of the bus.

tip #2: Find a warm place. I found malls to be a great place. You can either sit down in a restaurant or enjoy your self brought food. No one is going to say anything. A really beautiful mall is “La Galarie Lafayette”.

tip #3: Go shopping. I always thought that when being in such a famous city as Paris, shopping would be a waste of time. But is can be an adventure! I am in love with second hand fashion and stores and so we decided to go find some. Right around the corner of Centre Pompidou we were able to find 3 stores. It was an adventure for sure – packed with clothes, shoes, bags… to the top with masses of people in between. It also probably isn’t for everyone, but at least you’re not cold anymore when you get out there haha!

Safe money:

Another amazing way to safe some money is by not staying in an expensive hotel. Even though it might be nice residing in a ***** hotel, it is also really great living with people who really live there. We found a really cozy and beautiful apartment from a lovely lady who rents her place with Airbnb.



Train, metro, bus

Even though most of Paris can be easily explored by foot, we decided to purchase daily tickets that include the train, metro and bus.

They also offer stacks of 10 tickets for a slightly cheaper price (compared to buying them individually), but the lady in the train station told us they wouldn’t include bus rides.

Generally it can be said that each rides cost 1,70 – 1,90€. Depending on how much you plan on riding the train/metro/bus, you can calculate if it’s worth getting single rides, 10 pack (each ride then 1,20€), or daily tickets (12,40€ for zone 4).

Also keep in mind that there are different zones. Each time you cross a zone, the price goes up.

Overall we found it most convenient to get daily tickets, so we could use the public transportations whenever and how often we wanted.


There are also city bike stations throughout whole Paris. If the weather allows, you’ll be able to pay a small amount of €, pick up the bike, ride to wherever you want to go and return it at any other station.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to use this opportunity, as we travelled here in February and it was just waaay too cold. But I can imagine that this is an incredible way of seeing the city during warmer days!

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