Products I use – Travel

  1. Mosquito net

Especially when travelling to Asia I like to bring my own mosquito net.


2. Travel Towels

Super soft and heavy towels are really comfortable when getting out of the shower, but are so heavy and take forever to dry. So for me, to get light and fast drying towels for my travels was a must 🙂


3. Foldable and space saving water bottle

When travelling by plane I like to brink this water bottle. Since it almost takes up no space when empty I can easily put it in my carry-on, and once passed security can refill it at any water station.


4. Sleeping bag

When I started backpacking through Asia I wanted to have some kind of bed sheet I can easily carry with me that wasn’t to heavy and warm and on the other hand something I could lay on as well as cover me up.


5. Travel cubes

Those are genious! Are you familiar with that super messy suitcase or backpack and you have no idea where to find anything. Those cubes allow me to sort everything and holds those things at set places. It really is a life changer when it comes to travelling and living out a suitcase/backpack

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