One day in Mumbai, India

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If you happen to travel through or to Mumbai and only get to stay for a few hours, that’s still amazing! I mean even though it’s not a lot – and India always always has something to explore and discover – a bit of it is still better than none of it 🙂

As always in life there are at least 2 (or more) options.


You may decide to check in at a fancy hotel, jump into your swim suit and relax at the pool. Get in your workout at the gym. Treat yourself like a king or queen by ordering room service. Or have a nice spa day.

Or you want to go out and see, live and experience the “real India” – what even is the real India?


And again there are options to choose from.

You may hop into the next tuk tuk or cab and just ride around.

Or you decide to do a little bit of sightseeing.

Shop at the local markets.

Or talk to the locals.


Why do we have to choose and pick one? 24 hours are still 24 hours. If you want to do it all, do it – experience it all. If not, also great – pick whatever suits you best! While sometimes a pool day is amazing, another time a busy sightseeing tour is exactly what gets us excited.


So either way, I hope you have an amazing and exciting stay in Mumbai.


Following I’ll share a few ideas and things to do, to get you into planning mode for your very own trip:


Ways of travel:


  • Get yourself a map at the reception of your hotel


  • They also have ideas of what to do an see. If you are interested ask if they may arrange a sightseeing tour guide for you. This might be quite expensive, yet probably the easiest, safest and most convenient way to get around and see the sights


  • Jump into the next tuk tuk and just soak in the street life


  • Ask a cab or tuk tuk driver to drop you off at location xyz and stop at the sights you come along your way



A few things to do:


1) gateway of India


2) The hanging garden


3) Gandhi House


4) Haji Ali Dargah


Overall conclusion: just ride through the streets. This way you’ll be able to see a lot and really soak in the way of life



  • Always set the price first: don’t enter a taxi or tuk tuk without knowing how much the driver will charge. Discuss the price in advance to avoid unnecessarily high prices


  • Often at the big sightseeing points there are tour guides that offer you a set of sightseeing points in a certain amount of time for a certain amount of price. Beware that they might charge higher prices than usual and listen to your inner voice on who to trust and who to thank but keep walking


  • Use a tuk tuk or taxi instead of trains and busses. Prices are incredibly low but just way more comfortable



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