Miami Beach

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Miami is the perfect place for those who look for a place full of sunshine and warm weather all year around.


Depending on how much time you have, it might be a great idea to rent a car and leave Miami downtown to explore the beautiful areas around it.

But if you only have a few days – or even only a few hours – it is great to just stay close to the beach, relax there and if you’re up to explore a bit of the city and its streets.



Miami has miles and miles of white beach, where thousands of people just relax, sunbath or swim the ocean. Some of the more adventurous can engage in all kinds of water sports activities.


Right beside the beach there is a shore path – it seems like the highway for runners, roller blader skaters and bikers 🙂 This trail connects the North Beach with the South Beach.



The most amazing part about Miami’s public transportation is the so called “Trolley”. It is a bus completly free of charge that takes you around the entire city. However there is not one bus for all the areas, but rather selected routes. It is an icredible offer and opportunity to get around.


What I would definitely reccomend, is to just walk around and make yourself an image of this beautiful and warm place.

… or just stay in your hotel room. I mean with a view like that, it would be an option, right? Haha nooo please go out and explore!



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