Travel Tips for India

Embarking on a journey is always an adventure and exciting. Be prepared for your time in India with those 7 helpful travel tips

“Do some researches about what India has to offer and spend some good time thinking about what you want your trip to be like. Would you rather see the countryside, relax at beaches, become part of their traditions, or would you rather travel to the big cities and see some famous sights? Or maybe a mix of all?…”

2 weeks India – what to see and do

India is a really big country and just way too big to see everything in 2 weeks. For some ideas on where to go and what to see, have a look at the list of places I recommend seeing and doing in 2 weeks…

“During our time there we travelled through the northern part, and stopped at a few cities around Delhi. I wouldn’t have done it any other way! We started and ended our tour in Delhi…”

16 sights to visit in Delhi, India

What sights should be visited during your visit in Delhi? I put together a list about 16 sights to visit in Delhi with a short information about each…

“The lively, chaotic Old Delhi with its narrow alleys, founded in 1639, is a must to visit. Back then chic gardens, mosques and mansions as well as elegant people dominated the cityscape. Nowadays it is a pretty crowded area with a rustic charm, narrow lanes and tiny shops, and an important part of Delhi…”

How to get around in Delhi

Starting with so-called HOHO busses, over public transportation and ending with fancy private drivers. What options are there to get around in Delhi?

“HOHO means “hop on hop off” and is a sightseeing route covering important tourist destination. Visitors are able to hop on or hop off at any stops along the way and visit the sights that are located on the route…”

Things to expect in the streets of India

Asian streets are like no other streets in the world. During our trip through India we saw everything from dirt, wild animals, overloaded trucks on the streets of India

“Compared to Australia, European countries as well as northern America, Asia is very very different. A lot of the citizens live in poverty, streets are crowded and dirty often times, and tradition and culture couldn’t be more unlike…”

Food in India

For food lovers India will be a paradise. The food in India ranges from yummy locally fruits over delicious Indian food to international cuisine, as well as many vegan options…

“In a previous blog post I mentioned the huge gap between poor and rich. Not only is this division clearly visible when it comes to where people live, but also where they eat…”

An interview with an Indian shop owner

Shop owners in Asia have something very special about them. You don’t meet people like them anywhere else. During my travels through India I got the chance to set down and have a little interview with a very special lady…

An interview with an Indian shop owner – Gita’s story

She inspired me with her passion and her kindness. She was a sales-woman to the core – she knew how to attract people, how to make them buy, how to comfort them and most importantly knew how to make profit. She was smart, but friendly with all her heart.

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