How to become a health coach?

Lately it seems to be a trend to become a health coach. If you work in this industry, new health coaches seem to pop up everywhere – which is a great thing as this means that more and more people are really passionate about health & wellness and making an impact.


However within this one single term “health coach” there are a lot of things possible and included.



Option 1 – Wellness Coach:


There are so called Health Coaches or Wellness Coaches that usually work for or with a program or company.

Basically everyone who is passionate about health, wellness and helping others can become a wellness coach really easily and fast without any or much investment. I myself started out this way.

Is this something for you? Well, the only “requirements” you need to have are…

  • a willingness to learn new things
  • wanting to help others reaching their health goals
  • having a passion for health

– awesome requirements, right?

What I really like about this, is that it is so easy and convenient – such a simple and affordable way to start your own business, or a new career.


If you want to learn more about this opportunity, here can be found some more info



Option 2 – certified (health) coach:


Another way to become a health coach (which I would say is a little more professional) is to obtain a certificate. This allows you to call yourself a holistic health coach, nutrition coach, health coach, life coach, ….. just to name a few.

That was step 2 in this area of my career – I wanted to be able to have a certificate as well as a solid background in coaching, health and wellness.

Just as many titles and coaches there are, almost as many schools seem to be out there that teach an aspiring health coach.

For me it was a sure thing to study at an online school with an international certification.


After hours of research and probably up to a year of thinking & deciding (I like to over think haha), I finally found a school which seemed just perfect and teaches everything I was looking for in a school.


At this school I not only learned so so much about health, diets, lifestyles, nutrition, wellness and how to coach people, but also about myself (life in general, career, relationships, spirituality, physical activity – what works for me and what doesn’t) – I basically was my first client 🙂

My life has turned around completely; nothing has been as it was before in such a positive way, and at some points it felt like little awakenings.


The course very much focuses on the holistic side rather than just the symptom, the aspect that seems to be out of balance or just healthy eating – it is so much more and literally includes everything that exists (this is huge right?).


By now you probably wonder, which school is she talking about, this seems so perfect. Haha, well I think so 😉

So here you go: The school that I decided to enrol with is called Institute for Integrative Nutrition®.


I not only loved the curriculum and all the visiting teachers, but also really enjoyed and loved …

  • the community available 24/7 with all the support and an opportunity to make some amazing, life long friendships
  • the possibility to study wherever and whenever. As this is all online you can tune in from literally everywhere in the world and watch the lectures when it fits best into your life
  • the fact to create a career out of your passion
  • the life changing education – enrolling is the fasted way to transform your happiness, health, relationships, career, spiritual practice, and really any other health goals or issues


But it is really hard to put this whole experience into words, which is why I would love for you to witness it yourself. There are free sample classes offered to see what this life changing experience is like.

Please reach out to me so I can send you all the details and resources, if you are interested.


Also will I be able to offer you a massively discount (wuhuu) once you decide to enrol and take your health, happiness and career a step further.



I know that the struggle can be real to figure out what is for you, which school or even style to decide on and what to get your head and heart to.

Because I know how confusing it all can be I decided to offer a free call to anybody who is interested and maybe needs some clarity, tips, tricks on discounts/savings, insights, … or anything else.

If you wish to have a free call to find some transparency to figure out what is right for YOU please send me a mail at to schedule a call.

I would love to help you on that!!!


But other than that, follow your gut. Listen to what sounds and feels best to you. You are the only one who knows what is really going on, what would work best and what you are truly looking for.

Keep shining and doing amazing things!


Talk to you soon,