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Health Coaches are meant to bring lasting lifestyle changes in the lives of an individual, living in a world with millions of people suffering from preventable lifestyle related diseases.


achieve personal wellness goals


crowd out troubling foods


individual program tailored to clients needs, goals, desires


having a coach that guides you from the side, holds you accountable and supports you

your health

as a health coach we don’t diagnose, treat, or prespribe

6 months

we will meet twice per months for 6 months


A health coach is neither a doctor, nurse, physician, dietitian, nor are they psychologists, therapists or healers. They have a very unique and special role.


They develop a very individual program tailored to the clients needs, goals and desires he or she wishes to work on.

A health coach does not diagnose, treat or prescribe, rather does he or she guide and support the client through the progress toward a personal wellness goal/goals.

Also do they “crowd out” certain troubling foods – by incorporating other, more healthier foods – rather than excluding major food groups or recommending extreme detoxes or diets.

They are there to support you, hold you accountable and listen to whatever comes up. Never do they push anything on you or give you crazy long lists of things to do or change.

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