How to get around in Delhi

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  1. HOHO bus

HOHO sign

HOHO means “hop on hop off” and is a sightseeing route covering important tourist destination. Visitors are able to hop on or hop off at any stops along the way and visit the sights that are located on the route. From 8am till 8pm every 30 minutes a bus stops at the bus points marked with the HOHO sign.

It is a great way to get around and see lots of sights in a short amount of time.


  1. public transportation

2.1. Delhi metro

Delhi metro

In term of length Delhi’s metro is the world’s 12th largest metro system which makes it easy to travel fast and safe.

2.2. public busses

The bus system in Delhi is very well established; New Delhi is even listed as one of India’s largest bus transport system. Yet the busses are very crowded and a lot of the times passengers have to be okay with not catching a seat. Also please be aware that such crowded places are an easy opportunity for some pickpockets to become active.

2.3. tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk

This was my favorite way of transportation. In the crowded streets of Delhi a motor bike, riksha or tuk tuk are often times a lot faster than a car. I found it the best way to experience India’s street life and be close to the action.

The price will be determined on the basis of negotiation. Also make sure at the beginning of every ride that the driver understood where you wish to go. Sometimes they just take off without really listening or knowing which may cost a lot of nerves, time and money.

Nevertheless, enjoy the ride 🙂

  1. rental vehicles

I haven’t tried it but it sure is an option. The streets of India, and especially Delhi, are very crowded and chaotic places with no obvious rules – I think their mantra of driving is: if there is room, go 🙂

I’m not sure if I wanted to have dealt with those incredible many vehicles, and just found making use of the other options to get around in Delhi more convenient.


  1. private driver

A lot of the rich people living in Delhi hired a permanent private driver. It is basically like having a private taxi – faaaancy 🙂

It is for sure the fanciest and nicest way to get around, but for tourists just travelling in Delhi there are a lot more cheaper options that work just as well.

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