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My name is Sarah. I am the founder of Yet to Reveal.

I created this space to inspire, share and hopefully make a small difference in one or another life.


This place contains all different kinds of topics. And at first they may seem very random without any bond. But they do have a connection – this content on here is all about (my) TOP VALUES.


Well first, why would my values interest you? Good point!

Even though no one (or rather rarely anyone) will share the exact same values, I am sure that a lot of the people surrounding you are interested in the same things as you are – because that is who we like to surround ourselves with. Maybe you will also agree and discover some of your values on here 🙂


Secondly, what are values? A value is usually the measurement of worth of something; what is important to you in life. It is something you do or have in life that makes your heart beat a little faster, and really lights you up on the inside.


It doesn’t matter how many values you have or develop, but once YOUR values are deeply rooted in your life and your everyday world revolves around them, there is a sense of true happiness, blissfulness, freedom and peace you will experience.


So now, what are the values explored on here?



Health is crucial to our overall happiness and wellbeing – if we are sick we can’t really enjoy anything else in life.

Even though health is a huge huge huge topic that basically interweaves in every other area of our life, on here I will devote the topic health strictly to my health coaching practice.

What is a health coach? How to become a health coach? What do health coaches do? How to find a health coach? Is a health coach beneficial for me? What can a health coach do for me? …..??

As the profession of a health coach is still fairly new, it often is very unclear what a health coach actually is, and questions over questions start to arise. I try my best to answer it all and give you a little insight of this amazing “new thing”

(But to sum it all up in one sentence: A health coach is beneficial for everyone)



A value super close to my heart is all about exploring the world, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and expanding my horizon. I truly believe that travelling is one of the best things we can do and one of the best teachers about life and yourself out there.

On here I will share my favorite places, tips and guides that may help you getting started on chasing your dream of travelling as well.



Just as the topic health, lifestyle is a huge one – there probably are trillions of topics within.

As we move through life, our lifestyle keeps changing over time. There is no need to hold on to old habits that no longer serve you. Letting go, moving on, and welcoming new things, is what seems to be the key to a balanced life.

The main areas I will explore on here are…

Yoga – Physical Activity – Vegan – Diets

In my opinion moving your body every day (at least a little) is really important and beneficial. It does not always have to be yoga and some variation is vital, however did I find my passion in yoga which is why I choose it as one of my values.

The beginning of 2017 I travelled to India to undergo a Yoga Teaching Training. It has changed my life in many aspects and deepened my practice even more.

In August 2015 I turned vegan and since then have been passionate about sharing this lifestyle with anyone who wants to try a plant-based diet, no matter if this decision is based on health issues, ethical reasons or just for weight loss.

I am convinced that no one diet will work for everyone and forcing anybody into anything will never work, yet I encourage everyone to give a plant-based diet a try – if you never tried, you will never know 😉 See if this works for you, bring a fresh breeze among the old habits, and start revealing your health and happiness. I am here to support you and guide you along the way!


  • & everything else


I truly love this umbrella term, as it literally includes everything haha!

But I do feel obligated to let you in on what we will explore on here:

Career – Meditation – Food & Love – Ayurveda – TCM – Spirituality – Happy Living – Inspiration

Those are just to name a few and again: as we walk through life things come across our way, we pick things, terms and ideas up, some evolve into a habit, other we want to work on and others reveal something much much deeper within us. I strongly believe that everything is an opportunity to grow and learn – and there constantly are new topics to explore 🙂


As I mentioned before, the areas are all interwoven, and here we have it: I turned my passion about health into my career 🙂

Career is a very crucial part to our overall happiness and even health. If you think about it, we easily spend more time awake at work and with the people there than we do with our loved ones at home. If the people, work, environment, … there don’t align with your values and what you consider as important and satisfying it can have an huge impact on all other areas in your life.




About the brand

y croppedAbout the name: Yet to Reveal.

I was looking for something that represented what this place should be about (health, nutrition, happiness, the good life, inspiration and motivation to live your dream life), as well as not narrowing it down too much.

I came to realization that there are endless options, situations and possibilities to be revealed – life, a career, habits, nutrition, health, a mindset, happiness, a person, places around the globe, reveal your goals, passion and topics from A to Z.

I immediately fell in love with this name – and hope you will too 🙂


I like to see our lives as a journey – some choose to travel safe and comfortable, others travel light and restless, yet others are wild, spontaneous and adventurous…

We are not defined by one type and might change our styles over time. But whatever type of life-traveller you are right now, if you aren’t happy with your way, make a change. It doesn’t have to be big – maybe saying goodbye to an unsupportive person in your life, trash an old habit, or integrate more things you enjoy into your daily life are exactly what it needs for you to be happier. Try something new, leave the old behind, learn about new things you’ve always been interested in, or read about suff you’ve never even heard of. Expand your horizon and grow.


You are never too old or too young to live the life that suits you best!


Yet to Reveal is here to encourage, motivate and support you. Enjoy your stay








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