3 perfect days in Paris

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At first Paris seemed so huge and really overwhelming – only 3 days, and so much to see and do… But really all the major sights are quite central and located in a walkable distance to each other.



Sacré Coeur

I suggest doing this as one of the very first things upon your arrival. Sacré Coeur is an impossant church on top of a hill, where you can get an impressive overview of the city – even all the way up to the Eiffel Tower.

There is a Funicular that may take you up the hill, but if you’re up to walk the stairs go for it 🙂 The entrance into the basilica is free.

I also imagine it really beautiful during sunrise and sunset, but unfortunately it was really cloudy that day and we weren’t able to see much of it..

Also on top of that same hill resides a artisitc district with cute cafes and narrow streets. And even though it was really cold (there was even snow in the streets) people were sitting outside, wrapped up in blankets sipping on hot coffes.



Arc de Triomphe


It is like the center of a huge carousel. The Arc is located on a traffic island with a huge roundabout around the famous sight.

At 6.30pm they light a flame for the unknown soldiers which grave resides right underneath the sight.

The closest subway station is called “Charles de Gaulle Étoile”. You will be able to get out right in the middle of the traffic island.

From there you’ll technically be able to see right to the Place de la Concorde with the Oberlisque and the big wheel, and all the way to the Pyramides of Louvre.


Champs Élysées 

From the Arc de Triomphe the avenue Champs Élysées takes off. The population of Paris calls it the most beautiful avenue in the world.

Metro stations on that street are Charles de Gaulle Étoile, George V, Franklin D. Roosevelt as well as Champs Élyées Clemenceau.


Place de la Concorde

It is a huge public place where the Obelisque with its golden top and the big wheel are located. At night the big wheel glows in the national colors of France, and even though I didn’t go up, I can imagine it to offer an incredible view over Paris.

At the place de la Concorde you have the choice to keep walking till you approach Louvre, or cross the river at Pont Alexandre III.


Pont Alexandre III

This bridge should definitely be on your list of things to visit in Paris. With golden statues and decorations it is an impressive bridge itself, but with its beautiful view to the Eiffel Tower it is a must visit.

In the area of the popular bridge also reside the Grand -, as well as the Petit Palais. Passing those imposant buildings, long lines of people waiting to get in there where visible on the streets.




Even though the museum might not be an attraction everyone is interested, I’m sure the Pyramides are! Especially during sunset (or right before) the old buildings and the glass pyramides glow in spectecular colors.

We were lucky enough to witness this on a day with clear blue sky that turned into some pink and orange art.

From there you’ll also be able to see all the way to the Eiffel Tower, the big wheel as well as the Arc de Triomphe.


Centre Pompidou

When I did some researches about Paris, I came across a fascinating number: Paris’ tourism attraction number 1 is Centre Pompidou – who would have thought that. It is said that when the building first was finished the architects were made fun of. They decided to put escalators, elevators, power lines and ventilation shafts on the outside.

But no matter what has been said, it is some interesting and different building!

To get there you may use the subway and get out at station “Rambuteau”.


Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a huge church on an island in the river Seine. If you wish to climb up the stairs up to its top, you will be able to do so after paying an entrance fee. To visit the cathedral however is completely free.


Galarie LaFayette

Maybe you have heard about it, maybe not. It definitely is not one the reasons people visit Paris 🙂 But if you happen to be there, it is worth going there for a few reasons.

When I showed a picture of the Galarie LaFayette to a friend of mine, she asked what a shopping mall was doing inside a church haha. This statement sums up the whole architectural situation! A colorful dome on top of the 7 stories with balconies that make it all look like a massive, colorful church.

Another reason to get there is the not so well known roof deck. I have no idea why this is not packed with people as it is completely free and offers an incredible view over the whole city!


Eiffel Tower

Isn’t there a saying that states: the best comes last. Well here it comes!

Even though there are a few subway/bus stations you may get out, I suggest riding till “Trocadéro”. Once you leave the metro station and turn around the corner, the iconic tower will present itself majestetically infront of you.

Walking down the stairs making your way closer to the Eiffel Tower itself, you’ll photobomb about a million photos. I could have spend hours just standing there, watching people take one picture after another, but I was too busy taking pictures myself haha.

If you are interested in seeing the tower from underneath, or even going up I highly suggest getting the tickets in advance. But in my opinion it is not even necessary to make that effort and spend that money – it is already enough just walking buy and gazing up that famous sight!

But it is well worth to come back at night! Every hour the Tower lights up and turns into a huge huge metallic Christmas tree 🙂



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