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I would almost go ahead and say that nowadays travelling is so much easier than it used to be. Everywhere we go we, all the time we have all information that exists available right at our fingertips, only a few clicks away – isn’t that a crazy thought?


While certainly not every thing found online might be good and true, I like to make use of the helpful and useful stuff. Throughout my travels I came across some pretty amazing apps that allowed me to travel with much more ease and higher comfort.

In this posts I will share my favorite travel apps that have made travelling so much easier for me.


1// Google Maps

Google Maps didn’t make it on number 1 for no reason. I don’t think anyone with a smartphone, someone who has travelled anywhere, or anyone in general hasn’t ever not used it (is this even a real sentence haha? – I mean to say that this tool is so broadly popular and useful that it is a must mention).

It allows you to download maps to use when not connected to internet. Also you may mark certain spots and save them to your lists.

Price: free


2// Hostelworld

When travelling through Asia with a backpack by myself I love to stay in hostels. This way I get to meet other fellow travellers and eventually travel buddies to share the journey with. I found that Hostelworld has an amazing variety of the best hostels out there.

Once you select a hostel, it will show you pictures, its features, prices and reviews of those who have already been there.

Price: free


3// Booking.com

This one is really similar to Hostelworld, with the difference that it doesn’t only show hostels, but all kinds of stays in the area you will be travelling to.

Price: free


4// Currency

Oh, this has made my life soooo much easier. In currency app you can activate as many currencies as you want to be shown. You then select one currency (for example €), dial in the amount you want to be calculated (for example 10), and it shows you the calculation for all the activated currencies (for example Sri Lanka Rupee, $, Australian Dollar, Pounds, … you get the idea). It is such a great invention that I use all the time when being abroad.

Price: free


5// Happy Cow

This is an amazing tool for vegans who travel. Happy Cow lists all the vegan places close to the area you are in.

Price: 4,49€


6// maps.me

This map is similar to Google Maps. I have met people along my travels who were absolutely obsessed with it. Some even preferred it over Google Maps.

Price: free


7// PickMe

PickMe is an Asian version of Uber. I think it is really funny and absolutely love the idea behind it! Instead of showing you Uber Cars close to you, PickMe is an app for Tuk Tuk rides.

Most of the times you just hop into a Tuk Tuk at the street as there is always one around. Yet it is great to know there is such a tool out there that coordinates Tuk Tuk rides.

Price: free


8// SL Trains

This one is specifically for travelling Sri Lanka (SL stands for Sri Lanka). I found that one of the most beautiful, most exciting, most adventurous, most fun AND cheapest ways to get around Sri Lanka is by train. (Still so crazy to me when comparing the European train prices to a Sri Lanka train ride – we talk about 50 cents for a few hours on a train! – it really is crazy!).

If you let the app know from where to where and when you would like to take the train, the app on the other hand will let you know when the trains that day depart.

However, Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka and trains aren’t always on time, and times might vary if special events are occuring. I found it pretty accurate most of the time. But if you need to catch one specific train I would recommend asking at the ticket counter of a train station a few hours prior to the announced departure time.

Price: free


9// Polarsteps

This app is a great way to share your travelling route with anyone who is interested (family members, friends, other travellers,…). Polarsteps will display your travelled way on a map, lets you upload photos for each destination or stop and allows people to follow your account.

Price: free


10// Uber

To me Uber is a great way of managing to get from A to B in any location where public transportation is pretty expansive. I mainly use Uber in America. I usually like to walk places whenever I explore a city I travel to, however if the weather won’t be part of my plan, Uber is nice to have as a backup version to get around.

Price: free


11// Instagram

I’m just kidding here 🙂 But besides all the jokes, this seriously is one of my favorite travel apps. I like to see my Instagram as a personal photo album. I mean other people take photos, print them and glue them into a book they probably will never open again; and I like to save all of my memories on a platform where I can even share it with all of my friends and family members for free right the moment I captured it – if you think about it, isn’t is amazing?

Price: free



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